1000 questions for couples: A phenomenal book

In order for two people to really “make it” when it comes to relationships, they must be compatible where it counts. I am quite sure that most of you would agree that it is a whole lot better to find just how compatible you really are before engaging in marriage instead of finding out afterwards, potentially leading to a painful divorce. Michael Webb is a phenomenal author for relationships and has appeared on countless radio and TV shows. One of the most famous TV shows being that of Oprah. Michael has estimated that nearly 84% of divorces can be avoided by something as simple as asking your partner the correct questions. 1000 questions for couples is a magnificent e-book put together by Michael Webb himself. In the 1000 questions for couples e-book you will find THE most important questions to ask your significant other.

The intriguing piece of literature begins with the author stating how in many countries of the world the couple about to get married don’t actually truly know each other and can be shocked to find out how little they really know about their partner after months of dating. Sometimes people can be married for years and not really KNOW each other.

1000 questions for couples is composed of hundreds of fun, yet vital, questions for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. You will likely find that a lot of these questions would never even cross your mind, yet they are very nearly essential for a joyful relationship. Thanks to Michael’s 1000 questions for couples you will be able to truly know your partner. You will find out more about what makes them happy, angry, passionate, sad, nostalgic and more.

The questions in the book are grouped together by topics such as feelings, emotions, money, sex, vacations, attractions, etc. This is very helpful when choosing what type of questions you are in the mood for. You can ask each other the questions face to face or you might even try something a little different and e-mail them to each other instead. Whatever your preferred method of going through the book is though, you can be sure that will learn a whole lot about your partner and have a lot of fun in the process too.

1000 questions for couples is just perfect for all of those seeking to enter a new relationship, strengthen their marriage, find the right mate or just have a little fun. Overall and excellent read and a phenomenal way to avoid unwanted surprises. Why not purchase your own copy and see what it’s all about?